The BowBadger.

Repair bows in as little as 15 minutes.

The BowBadger was born out of a shear need to speed up the often delicate operation known as the butt bushing.

Most bows will in time require one and the unaided method, although most often very well done, is very time consuming. Especially for violin shops that are not necessarily dedicated to this work. What once took up to six hours can now take as little as 15 minutes. 

After more than a year of design and testing, the BowBadger applied for a patent in the year 2011.

It has since found its way into shops around the world, including Australia, Austria, Japan, Germany, Iceland, Finland, France, Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, USA and Canada.

The Complete Kit

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The BowBadger kit includes drill stops, guides, a hand chuck and an adjustment tool.
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A number of drill guides are provided which screw securely into the rear of the BowBadger. Each guide accommodates a different size drill bit that enters the shaft and creates increasingly wider channels to accommodate the replacement wood. Five guides are provided along with a hand held drill chuck and drill stops.

Also, a thumb drive containing several videos and two versions of the complete operating manual is included.